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You just know when you have met somebody cool, and that's exactly how you feel when you meet hairstylist Michael Dueñas.  Michael is a true Malibu kind of guy - the kind of guy who surfs, sky dives, and rides a Café Racer motorcycle. But best of all, Michael is a master Hairstylist. He joined us on location in Malibu and agreed to show us how to do the perfect beach wave using only a loose braid and a flat iron – how amazing is that?

Watching Michael work is truly something to behold. For his perfect beach wave, Michael used Nexxus Maximum Flexible Hold Hairspray both before and after creating the look. To start, Michael used the hairspray to lightly mist the hair - even coverage equals even hold.  Then, in three sections, Michael created loose rope braids and applied heat from the flat iron. Then he gently pulled the braids apart and added a 90 degree bend at the roots to create volume around the face. To finish he simply tousled the hair to create natural looking waves. See the video for the details on how Michael created this soft, beachy look.

 Celebrity Hairstylist

Michael Dueñas

Let the master show you how to get the perfect beach wave using only a soft braid and a flat iron.  When it comes to hairspray, Michael uses Nexxus Maximum Flexible Hold to achieve and complete the ultimate beach wave.


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